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Song lessons for 4th And 15

Take Me With You

The voices used on the Yamaha S90XS are:
PD 001  Power stander Kit 1      ( drum        arp pre4886
P8 122 Mega Finger_Pull Amp   ( bass  arp  pre3252
P8 086 Mega 60s Tremolo  (guitar    arp     pre1898
P2 109 Light Blues AF1&2   (guitar      right hand

4thand15  lead sheets.

This is track  013 on my album  titled  “4th And 15” which is available at most digital music distributors as well as on Amazon Prime Video.

I love playing this song as the chords are so simple to groove on.    The drum, bass and guitar arpeggio  the S90XS is playing really sound good together and that doesn’t happen on every song.    The lyrics turned out pretty good also.  No personal meanings but a short blues story people I think can easily identify with.    Wish some famous guitarist would record this song on his next album.

4th and 15

My fourth album has fifteen original songs on it thus the album title “4th and 15”.    It will be available at digital download and streaming sites after 4/28/2016.    This is the cover which has a scoreboard look to it.   Time 20:16 and I’m 65 years old now.

4th and 15 cover

I’m having  100 physical CD’s made up and will have a PayPal link available to purchase a CD set on this web site.    The next couple posts on this site I’ll go over the basics on how I record and get the album published.    Then I’ll do 15 posts to go over each song explaining how it was recorded and how to play live.    I’ll show of course the voices and arpeggios used on my Yamaha S90XS keyboard.    Here is the song list.

4th and 15

01 Here Comes The Storm         2:32
02 El Paso                                             3:15
03 Butter And Jam                          2:26
04 Know I’m Falling                        3:17
05 Going Somewhere                    3:36
06 Smart Phone Baby                    2:28
07 Be My Victim                               2:27
08 One Night Stand                        2:45
09 Love Is In The Air                      3:43
10 Shake It                                           3:59
11 Ain’t Nobody Like You           3:08
12 Can’t You See Me Smile        2:37
13 Take Me With You                   3:11
14 Roy’s Song                                    3:11
15 Half Way Home                         2:50