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Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

2017 has been the year of making Youtube video for me.     I now have a whole whopping 280 subscribers.     In 2018 I will be working on songs for my 5th CD.    My goal to have it finished by mid-summer.     Also just maybe this year will be the year I get out of my home studio ( a spare bedroom) and play in public a bit.

Thanks for watching …   Scott
P.S.   crank it up

YouTubing and FaceBooking

During Fall 2017 I managed to record a few more video for my How To Play It On The Electronic Keyboard series.   I post these usually on both Facebook and YouTube.   In either case just add boogiebeau to the URL to find me.       A song I’m redoing is  You Got Lucky by Tom Petty.   My first cut at this got mentioned by several as being way off from the original, a real thumbs downer.    So I changed the key and chords and think I’m a bit closer.    It will take a bit of practice playing it differently and for the better I hope.    Here is the  How To I made for it.