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@Sweetwater #Gearfest June 12-13, 2015

I spent two days in music gear geek heaven at Sweetwater’s one and only retail outlet/warehouse/festival grounds/corporate headquarters complex in Ft. Wayne IN during their two day Gearfest.  The facilities in the main building have greatly expanded the last couple years.  They report  that they now are the largest music retail shop in North America.  Over 10000 people preregistered and I managed to win the first of like 100 prise drawings. I attended three of the free seminars where experts talked about mastering a song.  Best prices of the year can be had on gear but you have to attend to get it.


Above is the dining area which I would say seats like 300.   Great ammenites for employees.  Next is I a picture I took during one of the seminars I attended.


They had five seminar rooms going plus talks in studios and demo at the outside performance tent.   It’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse at what real song producers do.  Hope to be there next year again.



Know I’m Falling Groove

So wow .. I’m  1/3 of the way there to getting down 12 song ideas for what will be my fourth CD effort.   The chord progression for this groove comes from an old jazz classic.   But with a different rhythm, melody line, lyrics and pop/rock style drum and bass backing,  well it’s not similar at all.    I think I might try revamping some other jazz progressions to see what I can do with them.

Here is the Groove sheet music  in PDF so have fun at it you keyboardists.