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Know I’m Falling Groove

So wow .. I’m  1/3 of the way there to getting down 12 song ideas for what will be my fourth CD effort.   The chord progression for this groove comes from an old jazz classic.   But with a different rhythm, melody line, lyrics and pop/rock style drum and bass backing,  well it’s not similar at all.    I think I might try revamping some other jazz progressions to see what I can do with them.

Here is the Groove sheet music  in PDF so have fun at it you keyboardists.

Groove for song Here Comes

My last CD effort was near two years ago.   So time to start using my home DAW in fun ways again.   What got me inspired was an advanced lesson on Pentatonics and Quartals  from Willie at where I’m currently a premier level member.      I just reread my free 20 tips guide for writing song lyrics and will keep that handy.   Funny that I went to the site and see it now is just 7 tips.  My first couple steps are these when it comes to composing an original song.

1.  First step is done and that is to get down a preliminary groove with keyboard and some drum backing.   I also already have some lyrics,  in my head only at this point.  I like to name the song right away and then build lyrics around a theme in the name. Though it does seem like 50 percent of the time I end up changing the name.

2.  Second step I’ll map out the song form in measures  noting chords used in my groove and some preliminary lyrics in a text editor.   Pretty much a simple lead sheet without melody notes at this point.   Then I’ll sing and refine the lyrics  in short sections over my preliminary groove and jot  down a few melody notes over the lyrics.

The next steps involve building individual instrument and vocal tracks in Sonar.    I also add a lyrics melody notes MIDI track in Sonar even though that track isn’t played.   I can cut and paste it into Finale SongWriter later to help build a finished lead sheet.