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  1. Hi BoogieBeau! Wow.. great site upgrades, I like the new look. I got in touch with you about 6 months ago (give or take) and your insights on the s90xs helped me greatly. I have another question for you… my stage unit (an s70xs) appears to waiver on pitch. I was playing next to a well tuned guitar and we just couldn’t get the instruments to sync up on pitch. After a lot of going back and forth, it really did seem like the s70 was wavering on pitch. Have you ever seen this? I use a small fan under the unit to keep me cool, could that be interfering with the tone generators? I had an old (old, old, old) Korg that used temperature controlled oscillators… absolutely useless for outdoor gigs… but It did the same thing (to a much greater degree). Anyway, just checking to see if you’ve ever had similar issues.

    I’ll continue to enjoy your site… thanks for putting out this blog.

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