Live Gear

Buying and selling equipment has become like a 4th hobby.   I hope I’m not the only one who finds that gear is always better on the other side of the hill.

My live on the road rig

The main live items are  a Yamaha S70XS keyboard or  Yamaha MOX6 keyboard with a Roland FC300 foot controller and one DP-10 sustain pedal.    The MOX6 doesn’t have weighted keys and is so much lighter .. about 21 pounds verse 53 pounds using soft cases.   I have a board that fits underneath the OnStage table keyboard stand that holds a power strip.  I use a basic Shure SM58 microphone.    I just use riser bar on the stand with a wire shelf where can I sit  the IPAD or sheet music and light if needed.   

I’ve  grown very fond of my Digitech Vocalist LivePro effects and harmony unit.    It has great EQ I like to hear my voice through it along with Reverb and up to a four part harmony effects.   I have things setup so the I can turn the harmony effect on and off via my FC300 foot pedal.  The Digitech also does some pitch correction which I really need!!!    I mounted the Digitech in a 6U Gator half case  along with a Power Supply, my Behringer XR18 mixer and a Cisco EA4500 wireless router.   I run the XR18 from an IPAD (I have two).   I  plug the XR18 directly to the router plus I can plug a laptop directly to the router if need be.  I can also have multiple wireless connections going also meaning a person on stage can control their own monitor level with a small android device.   A sound man could control from anywhere in the room!


For keyboard a amp I have a  Behringer KD15 (600 watt 15 inch).   The  KD15 with it’s 4 stereo channels, effects and EQ  can function as a mixer and my main keyboard amp with outputs to supporting PA speakers and monitors.     It really is a do it all device.      Weighing in at 50 pounds it is a bit heavy but worth it .. great tone!

For my on the road live PA sound I have two Yamaha 700 watt DXR8 powered speakers and a Behringer powered DS1200 subwoofer.   These are smallish in size and importantly not very heavy.    One speaker is on a pole mounted on the subwoofer.  The other speaker not pictured can be mounted on a tri-pod stand.


For mixing  as a backup to the XR18 I have the newer Behringer  QX1832USB mixer.     I have a nice little light aluminum case the mixer and most of the cables for   live setup could fit into.   I haven’t used this yet but could if I did a jam with several people.


For a personal monitors or if I need just a small PA  I have three Roland CM30’s.   These were once my studio monitors.   I picked these up on EBAY for less then half new price.  They come with a stand mount hole on the bottom.  Really tough little units.      I also have Shure earbuds but don’t know if I really like them yet or not.  I’m looking at getting a regular floor monitor.rolandcm30