New addition to the rig !

So I started the new year (2018) off by retiring my old DR880 drum machine.   I just wanted something more fun and that I might use to develop some new songs with.   After looking around I settled on the Roland JD-Xi.     It is small enough it easily fits into my home studio rig.   The JD-Xi came out I believe in 2015 so there are plenty of Youtube help video.   I like getting stuff that has been out a while.  In this case the OS is version 1.51.   The Roland Axial site has free program banks and there is third party programs and editor software.    The JD-XI is a four part sequencer and you are able to program up to 4 measures.    However if you set the scale to 32 and think half time you can get 8 measures out of it.   Also it has a vocoder though when active Analog part is shut off.

My first song ..   at this point I’ve only had it a few days.  The lead I’m doing with my Yamaha S90XS.    I’m using the vocoder on the JD-Xi and on the other mic a 60BPM delay echo on the Digitech.  My beat tempo on the JD-XI is 120 so that sorta gets the echo going the the beat.  This is a two measure song .. measure one a C chord and two a F chord.