OBS mixer

Usually Freeware programs suck ..  but I’ve had pretty good success with OBS a video mixer program.    It can record multiple Web camera and video capture  a window and capture decent audio  all at once!   You can specify ahead of time if you want to save your video to a file or optionally stream it live.       The live stream feature works but I’ve found for me at least there is some problems with the audio dropping out.   Then I have to power off and on my Focusrite mixer for OBS to see it again.    However I may have solved that problem by unchecking the give applications exclusive control of device  option in the  Recording Devices advanced properties.    I’m still experimenting and new versions of OBS with bug fixes with likely be coming out for years.     A  non-freeware video mixer program I tried named Wirecast looked great but I never got the screen capture feature to work?     It runs around $500.    So below is a YouTube video I created with OBS.   The colorful background I using so I’m quite recognizable.     The MIDI keyboard is the OBS screen capture .. and it all is in pretty good sync.