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Song lessons for 4th And 15

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The voices used on the Yamaha S90XS are:
PD 002 Power Standard Kit   (drum   pre3851 arp    tempo 110
P3 030 JB Flat Wound AF1*2 ( bass left hand
P2 101 Electric 12Strings ( GtMG Rock pre1389  arp
P1 053 Phaze Wurli ( right hand

4thand15 lead sheets.

This is track  06 on my album  titled  “4th And 15” which is available at most digital music distributors as well as on Amazon Prime Video.

This song is in the key of C minor  using chords Cm7,  Fm7, and Gm which are your 1, 4 and 5 chords.   In the left hand I arpeggio the chord notes for a bass line.   The right hand comps the chords using an inversion for Cm7 /GBbCEb  which is important to get that good sound with the Eb on top.  For Fm7 you just shift first two fingers down /FAbCEb , and for Gm triad /GBbD.     The song form is the 12 bar blues.    I do change the drum arp to pre3852 and the guitar arp to 1407 for the little chorus verse using my MIDI Roland FC300 foot pedal.  The change is quite dramatic for the guitar rhythm but sounds good I think with the verse.