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About anything that disturbs us.


Damn …..    there have been a few days lately where the house phone just will not stop ringing.    So someday soon we are biting the bullet and will be getting a new unlisted number on a new cell phone.   Our current land line is costing $50 a month!!!!!!!!


So I received an email from my now old hosting company Verio/NNT(since 1993)  stating I needed to be migrated to a newer system by Nov 28 … otherwise all data would be deleted.     Huh?     My options were to chanced they would get it done in time or I could do it manually or be possibly be blown away on Nov 28 or I could backup and restore to their new system once my account information was active on it.    Huh?    So I looked at the manual migration information and was totally lost on how to even sign in.

I already had an email and disk backup space at     After a quick talk with a GoDaddy person I had my blog transferred over in like 5 minutes to a new GoDaddy WordPress account.     I also managed to get my two DNS names I manage on Verio transferred over  (in progress at least) also to GoDaddy.   When the DNS is done ..  then  I’ll be able to say goodbye Verio completely.